ynaktera and scual live at radiolevano festival 2014 

M.K.R. and AV-K at Flussi 2014



We are very happy to announce that M.K.R and AV-K will be performing at Flussi Festival 2014 on Monday August 25th, inside the showcase of Manyfeetunder/homemade label.

for more info check Flussi website

In the meantime you can listen to M.K.R. podcast

and check out the AV-K latest release onf Manyfeetunder/homemade

sr 006 1112013, various artists is now sold out on decks.de

some copies still available at sr store - http://bit.ly/1oUHDKh

packaging: sr 001 - permutation.a by ynaktera

SR ~ Podcast Episode Seven: Ghostphace

After two years another podcast from Ghostphace, showing the evolution of his sound, over this period of time. It features a 30 minute live set. The setting is the event SR All Day All Stars held June 22nd at Brancaleone, Rome (IT).

pictures from sr all day all stars - june 22nd at brancaleone, rome (it)

Kenta Kamiyama Live

August 08 Kenta Kamiyama will present live his album Signs Of Rain.
From 08 pm – entry ¥2000 w/t Drink

AMP Café, Tokio (JP)
東京都杉並区高円寺南4-30-1 カームステージ高円寺102

excerpts from afternoon performances at sr all day all stars

2014 Limited Edition Poster

2014 Special Limited Edition Poster

strictly available at this Sunday event SR ALL DAY ALL STARS for any purchase of the SR discography.