visual installation curate by stochastic resonance at polline (nuove diffusioni) on May 17th 2014

visual installation curate by stochastic resonance at polline (nuove diffusioni) on May 17th 2014



Very proud to announce our involvement in the first TEDx conference in Rome alongside with PLEASED.
During the conference speaker Andrea Vitaletti will talk about innovation and will include an exclusive video preview of fromPlants() project.

FromPlants() aims to translate electric…

Podcast from Witclub featuring Ynaktera: A few days after the tragedy of Lampedusa, there was who paid tribute, through music, to the many unknown who have lost their lives at sea. On classical notes, begins the live of Ynaktera at Mura di Suono, in Rome. Last 8th October, the artist performed, supported by visual Zephyr, a live set so touching as experimental, with noise phrasing and ambient tensions, listenable today with a simple click. Within an hour of stochastic sounds, Dario Colozza, one of the founders of Stochastic Resonance, already interviewed for the format of Studio Conversations on Where Is The Club?, raises a cloud of sounds of contemporary art, the result of a constant search for artistic expression.

sr 006 1112013 “stoppin outwards” review


SR Podcast Episode Five: Kolmitt


Podcast episode five features Kolmitt improvised live performances material played in various private house settings in Berlin, during May 2013, and then presented and recorded as a whole.

The music is not preconceived and its flow is spontaneous, given a starting sound palette; “mistakes” become then starting ideas from further developments and arrangements.

The podcast is available also as a special limited edition: 20 CDs folded in anti-static bags -


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Dec 21st - 1112013 Release Event

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Podcast Episode Four - Kenta Kamiyama


Kenta Kamiyama is based in Tokyo, the musician is a new, up and coming 22 year old with promising talent. He emphasizes a universally identifiable story in his music. Rather than fantastic, the cosmos and other such abstract themes, his music-making is profoundly driven by an adherence to the theme of everyday life.

His music lives in tandem with people, and therefore depending on the emotional fluid state, the sound also transform; such is a mystery that may also comfort and put us at ease.