sr 009 lab - file creation error. unable to rename/copy audio file

hatori yumi

artist: hatori yumi
album: file creation error. unable to rename/copy audio file.
release: sr 009 lab
date: october 10th 2014
video: binarycodedbrain

SR 009 lab
Hatori Yumi ~ File Creation Error. Unable to Rename/Copy Audio File

ynaktera and scual live at radiolevano festival 2014 

M.K.R. and AV-K at Flussi 2014



We are very happy to announce that M.K.R and AV-K will be performing at Flussi Festival 2014 on Monday August 25th, inside the showcase of Manyfeetunder/homemade label.

for more info check Flussi website

In the meantime you can listen to M.K.R. podcast

and check out the AV-K latest release onf Manyfeetunder/homemade

sr 006 1112013, various artists is now sold out on

some copies still available at sr store -

packaging: sr 001 - permutation.a by ynaktera

SR ~ Podcast Episode Seven: Ghostphace

After two years another podcast from Ghostphace, showing the evolution of his sound, over this period of time. It features a 30 minute live set. The setting is the event SR All Day All Stars held June 22nd at Brancaleone, Rome (IT).

pictures from sr all day all stars - june 22nd at brancaleone, rome (it)